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When looking towards the future, bear in mind the values of the past for present use

The roots of the future

From the foothills of the Umbrian Apennines we look to the future with our roots firmly grounded in the values of the past.

Organic farming and innovation represent our understanding of the respect for the land.

For you, they translate into well-being, quality and sustainability.

A safe and reliable supply chain

All processing is done by us: the work in the fields, the milling with a stone mill to produce organic flours in the bakery-laboratory to use in the bread-making process. We produce legumes, cereals, flours, bread, pizza bases or the typical focaccia.

There is literally nothing else to come between our land and your table.

il pane biologico Capoccia Bio
La pasta biologica Capoccia Bio
Le farine biologiche Capoccia Bio
Le gallette biologiche Capoccia Bio

We offer you healthy choices

All-natural ingredients grown in Umbria, in the nourishing soils located between Gualdo Tadino and Assisi, and processed in an all-organic, zero-mile supply chain.

We obtain tasty, certified organic products that are optimized for the diet and well-being of a conscious consumer such as yourself.

Come visit us

You can find us in Perugia, at the Umbria Campagna Amica Market.

Or you can visit us at our headquarters, in the countryside of Gualdo Tadino, and touch everything you’ve just read: because you can trust us.

Initiative funded by the Rural Development Program for Umbria 2014-2020