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Let me tell you our story


It was in the early 1900s when Cesare Capoccia, my great-grandfather, moved to Morano Osteria, a small suburb of Gualdo Tadino in the green hills of Umbria. 


The family grew at the same pace as the farm, which kept him busy on the farms and at numerous livestock fairs.

In 1923 Caesar built a new home, with stables on the ground floor and rooms upstairs.  Carved into the keystone of the front door there were the two “C’s” that have become today our logo.


My grandfather Alfredo, having graduated as a certified agricultural expert, continued his father’s work: the business continued to grow and the family moved to Gualdo Tadino in 1958.

His son Cesare (my father) also began to help him, especially with the mechanical means that had arrived to support the farmers, making time between study and work. 

The fourth generation

This is me, Gabriele. I embarked on a new adventure by going organic and recovering traditional crops of the Umbrian territories that had long been abandoned.

I am joined by my parents, Cesare and Laura, who, with their pharmaceutical training, carefully oversee the nutritional aspects of all our products.