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A company in a community

Among the things we love there is also that of being a company alive and present in the territory. This is how flour, pasta and well-being for the whole year are obtained from an old family field.

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Our veg desserts

The new Capoccia Bio vegan desserts are available, tasty and sustainable. Here we tell you why we decided to make them: tradition, sustainability, respect for animals, health.

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The production schedule.

From organic farming to finished product, we process everything in-house.

Only by doing so do we have full control over processes and recipes… and can guarantee the best in terms of quality and safety to those who choose one of our products.

Within our farm there is also a bakery, which also produces sourdough bread daily with only sourdough in the dough…

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Our mixture of ancient grains

Until recently, the ancient soft wheat chosen for our crops was Gentil Rosso, from which we obtain an excellent soft wheat flour, very fragrant and low in gluten.

We have decided to make it better, with the sowing of the so-called “evolutionary mixture” of the BioAdapt project

What is it all about?

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