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Our method

Organic, above all else

Choosing the organic method means honoring the land and ourselves: preserving the ecosystem and the biodiversity, no pesticides, genuine ingredients and flavors of what food used to be.

All our products stem from these.

A safe and reliable supply chain

All processing is done by us: the work in the fields, the milling with a stone mill to produce organic flours in the bakery-laboratory to use in the bread-making process. We produce legumes, cereals, flours, bread, pizza bases or the typical focaccia.

There is literally nothing else to come between our land and your table.

Positive innovation

We use innovation in the service of traditional values.

Our headquarters is an NZEB – nearly zero energy building – with high energy efficiency. The mill is state-of-the-art, but still stone-powered with slow rotation so as not to alter the nutritional values of the products.

Time to eat!

Our sustainable and healthy products are born from selected ingredients such as the concern for the environment, the organic production, and the innovation in the production process.

The last ingredient, namely the informed and safe consumption choice, is up to you.