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Our veg desserts

Over the past few months, I have often talked with the mill and bakery guys to figure out how to meet our customers’ requests, such as that for vegan desserts.

People like you, who choose Capoccia Bio, are generally knowledgeable customers, with clear ideas about health, sustainability, and the pleasures of the table: giving you what makes you feel good is not always easy, but accomplishing it is rewarding.

After some talking amongst ourselves (and a lot of mouth watering), we decided together on the veg desserts to be put together:

  • A vegan tart made with various fruit flavors and a butterless pastry would have called to mind the “grandmother’s pies,” and in general those traditional cakes made with poor but richly flavored doughs of yesteryear.
  • Vegan raisin and wine cookies are also part of the culinary tradition of our territories, and they are made with typical local products. Sometimes there is great richness in simplicity!

In addition to being traditional desserts, free of animal-derived products and sustainable because they were made with zero-mileage ingredients, they would also be lactose-free desserts, meeting the demands of several people with intolerances.

All that was left was to fine-tune the recipe, and after some testing – by the way, what a chore all these tastings were! 😉 – we have developed two veg desserts that we really like, also thanks to the “Bioadapt” ancient grain flours we use to make them. We could say that we have been able to satisfy the demand for vegan desserts in Perugia!

Where can you find them? At the Campagna Amica Farmers’ Market in Madonna Alta, at our farm store in Gualdo Tadino, at the Campagna Amica market in Todi, and, of course, in the organic or gourmet stores that have specifically stocked our products.

See you soon!

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